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Game Overview


VR Simulation

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Oculus Quest 2, 3

Archery Pro brings life like, competitive archery straight to your living room through VR!

There’s no need for archery equipment to experience the fun of olympics style Archery with Archery Pro. Simply pop on your headset and experience all the thrills of real life archery.

Be warned, archery is extremely addictive and challenging.

You can compete online with friends or other players and climb the tournament ranks and unlock amazing rewards.

Players can also experience a realistic and challenging single player campaign by tackling specific trick shots and situations. Friends can compare scores and progress with each other on the leaderboard.


Game Features

Easy to pick up

Designed to be easy to pick up
and play right away while requiring a high
amount of skill to master.

Leverages VR

The game leverages the best parts of VR. It
maps all elements of the Oculus controls
naturally to a realistic archery action. At the same time the game minimizes motion sickness, and confusion by eliminating unnatural movements.

Real-time Multiplayer

The real time multiplayer competitions make the game really stand out from the crowd.